Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the Web

In just over 5 minutes, TimBL sons this dude something hard for not knowing what Net Neutrality is (an interviewer should at least understand the topic they’re asking questions about), then he goes on to mock the interviewers blatantly biased follow up question.

Finally, TimBL articulates what’s so magical and fascinating (on a scientific level) about the Web and how to most it’s just seen as a toy or a form of entertainment – but really, there’s something brilliant and technologically out of our grasp about the Web (it is where technology meets a truly democratic and free, open society). And it may take another 25 years for us to truly come to understand that social dynamic that TimBL stumbled upon while trying to improve scientific research in Physics. His original vision for the Web is, in essence, what Wikipedia is today – a wealth of free knowledge and open to all to contribute and improve upon.

(There’s so much I want to say about this video by PBS – from the incorrect naming of the video to the obvious misunderstanding of the very subject they’re interviewing TimBL about, but I won’t waste the time. Instead, I’d like to focus on the latter portion of the interview snippet.)

As companies like Apple slowly try to recreate TimBL’s invention of the Web and patent it and control it through their apps ecosystem on their iOS walled garden, I look up to great minds like Tim Berners-Lee for inspiration of how I want to be remembered. And while I admire what great tech companies like Google and Facebook are accomplishing for the Web – at the very grand scale I can’t help but feel distrust from their use of social engineering tricks.

The First Web ServerI fell in love with the concept of the Web as it was presented to me just a few years after Tim Berners-Lee invented it. I’m married to the idea of free information, free knowledge, and an open network that is a wealth of a resource for anyone interested in learning about anything (the Wikipedia model).

Over the last few years working full-time as a Web Dev I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my craft, but as I look back on what originally attracted me to learn what it is that I do – I realize it’s not about likes or shares or subscriptions or followers. Social Media has changed the landscape greatly, but I can’t help but view social media the way Apple views the Web (as something that was created long after I showed up at the party and I secretly want to recreate).

But to get back to TimBL’s awesome point about studying what the Web is – not on a technological level like most Web Developers do (on how to create cool gadgets, sites, apps, etc.) but on a social and societal level. This kind of thinking is what helped lead to Twitter and other great and open Web companies.

My hopes are that Net Neutrality gets figured out for the betterment of the Internet and a free society (not one you have to pay extra for access to certain sites by the ISPs), and finally that over the next 25 years we embrace the connectivity the Web brings us and we become a more close and scientifically literate world.

Here’s to the next 25 years of the Web (and to many more)!

Fela Kuti – Original Sufferhead

Let’s sing a nice song together…

“Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was James Brown, Huey Newton, Rick James, Bob Marley, Duke Ellington and ODB all rolled up in one black African fist…” – Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def)

Map of African imperialism from 1914

Map of African imperialism from 1914

Fela Kuti – The Black President

This dude was a superhero in disguise. Who else could turn a politically motivated song about water scarcity in Nigeria due to imperialism into such a feel good party jam? Word to Yasiin Bey on the serious range Fela Kuti had. How I see it – there is none higher. As you’re reading this, they’re still trying to figure out the right way to tell his story (it was so badass and powerful).

Lyrics to “Original Sufferhead”:

Water Light
Food House
Ye paripa O** **(exclaimation of despair)
Wetin** do them **(what)
You mean you don`t know
Wetin do them
I go tell you
Wetin do them
You go hear am
Wetin do them

That means to say you no dey
For Nigeria be that
You see yourself
You no dey for Africa at all
You must dey come from London
New York, from Germany, from Italy…

Fela  Kuti ‎- Original Sufferhead

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & Egypt 80 – Original Sufferhead (1981)

That means to say you no
dey Nigeria be that
You see yourself you no de for
Afrika at all
If you dey for Africa where we dey
you go know
I go know wetin

Plenty, about water, light, food, house
I go know wetin
Plenty plenty water for Africa
Na so-so water in Africa
Water underground, water in the air
Na so-so water in Africa
Water for man to drink nko** O **(so what)

E-no dey e dey
Water for town
Government sef e dey?

Plenty, plenty light for Afrika
Na so-so energy for Africa
Na the big-big men dey get electrica
If them no get electric dem go
If they don`t get electricity
Get plant O
Ordinary light for man nko O

E-no dey e dey?


Plenty, plenty food for Africa
Food under-ground,
Food on the ground
Na so-so plenty food for Africa
Ordinary food for man for chop* nko O **(eat)

E-no dey
Government sef e dey?
E no dey
Dodo nko?
Ten kobo for one

Akara nko? twenty kobo for one (2x)
Bread nko? fourty kobo for one
E no dey
Government sef e dey?
E no dey

House matter na different matter
Those wey dey for London dem
Those wey dey New York dem
They leave dey like kings

We wey ele for Afrika
We dey leave like servants
United Nations dem come
Get name for us
Dem go call us under developed nation
We must be underdeveloped
To dey stay ten-ten in one room O
First and second dey

Dem go call us Third World
We must dey craze for head
To dey sleep inside dust-bin
Dem go call us none-aligned nations
We must dey craze for head
To dey sleep under bridge O

Ordinary house for man

To leave nko O?
E yen dey** **(it is there)
E no dey** **(it is not there)
Wahala** **(affliction/trouble)
E yen dey
E no dey
E yen dey
E no dey

E yen dey
Dem come turn-us to suffer-head* to *(suffer-man)
Original Suffer-head
It’ s time for Jefa**-Head O **(lucky man)
Original Jefa-Head O
Dem turn us to Suffer-head O


It’ s time for Jefa-Head O

I want to tell you my brother
One bitter truth
Before we all are to Jefa-head O
We must be ready to fight for am now

Me I say sufferhead must go O O
Original Sufferhead
Jefa-Head must come