“how much do you love me, john?”
she asked

he answered,
“how much do i love you?
count the stars in the sky,
measure the waters
of the oceans with a teaspoon,
number the grains of sand
on the seashore.
impossible, you say?”

Blood Samples and Petri Dishes

Battle for blood types
And aortic dissonance
In A world full of I before you
Except after always we
I believe in destiny
Because it is Herstory
But I myself am fated
For history

May we be O- in our charities
And AB+ in our reasoning
And if you don’t know what that is
Look it up
This may B poor man’s poetry
But not for the dumb
B not boring -
Blind or lazy
Do not thot
B not thirsty
Use for good

We need to find our +
Forever peace
Our light of salutations
In our place -
For salvation
Where we stand
In mortal hand
Coiled + temporary

On square footing O
Standing, sitting
Kneeling, laying
Reasoning A
Praying B
Run or walk
Caravan or plane
Or jet pack AB
May your space of domicile
Keep divinity within it’s stars

However you get there
Just B there +
And in there
Knowingly B conscious
Of your part in helping determine
The living story -
Whether we AB grounded in
The time of
Becoming A people
Led to Canaanite fodder
Or lambs to laughter

If we B- people
Found wanting
Of the stuff that makes up +
A moral fiber -
Woven into dignity A
Passed down through B
The laurels of yester
For the lazy man’s jester AB+
Let us not sequester to squander
Or peel back the yonder of time

Find your eternal wanderer
Calling for + empathy
For new ways to connect AB+
And balance O-
The living ethos
Of cognitive dissidence
Far from the kind of love
That grows AB-
And blossoms
And holds strong
For as far
As the <3 can
Beat O

Be the seed AB
Desoil bad dreams-
May your crops of tomorrow
Always yield abounding empathy
Ready for harvest

To both you +
And me -
So never fail to speak it
Say it out loud
May we B lost in it
Act it out
Show it to all
And to the least
Of us
The most



Do you know what true kindness is?

Kindness as a virtue is so rare.

It’s the crossroads of true morality and just groupthink. If you spot it, nurture and preserve it. Don’t let it out of your sight!

Think about kindness – not as a means to an ends of personal material gain – but kind hearted offering pure of motive or any karma.

There are those who use it as a tactic to get what they want. Some dress it up behind cloth woven in religious indoctrination with the promise of eternal life.

And there are those who use it as a chess piece for political control or power for rule.

Kindness can get you far in the global game of economic currency if you market it well.

But rare is the kind soul who does it for the only reason that really matters – because it’s the right thing to do.

Kindness: don’t flaunt it, be it.

Teach your children the meaning of the saying, “kindness is a virtue.”

Lead by example.


“To become a citizen of the
world,” she said.

Ahh, for that’s a pride
Of human spirit
That no woven tapestry
Of flag or political fodder
Can truly father

Be your own man
Some day

And travel the globe
Far and away

Be here now
Not forever and a day

Set sail on the ivy shore
Of tomorrow’s door

Climb the towers
Of Babylon
And Peter’s gate

Make your peace
With all of man today

Know your world
Round and blue

And always come back home
Where your heart be
Through and through
Forever true

You’re a policy now
With limited rights
Terms and
Agree to be
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