The Last Rose Of Summer

the Last Rose Of Summer by Thomas Moore
The Last Rose Of Summer

‘Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rosebud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
Or give sigh for sigh.

I’ll not leave thee, thou lone one!
To pine on the stem;
Since the lovely are sleeping,
Go, sleep thou with them.
Thus kindly I scatter,
Thy leaves o’er the bed,
Where thy mates of the garden
Lie scentless and dead.

So soon may I follow,
When friendships decay,
And from Love’s shining circle
The gems drop away.
When true hearts lie withered,
And fond ones are flown,
Oh! who would inhabit
This bleak world alone?

Enquire Within Upon Everything

Whether You Wish to Model a Flower in Wax;
to Study the Rules of Etiquette;
to Serve a Relish for Breakfast or Supper;
to Plan a Dinner for a Large Party or a Small One;
to Cure a Headache;
to Make a Will;
to Get Married;
to Bury a Relative;
Whatever You May Wish to Do, Make, or to Enjoy,
Provided Your Desire has Relation to the Necessities of Domestic Life,
I Hope You will not Fail to ‘Enquire Within.’

Thailand 2001

Thailand 2001
For Vollmann’s Poor People

We can afford color television

And basic cable

But we can barely save

Beyond our next meal

Instead we watch

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

And The Bachelorette

Dreaming of what life

Must be like

On the other side

Of the economic fence

Disparity sure has its depravity

Who I’d Like To Meet (circa 2005)

From September 2005:

Who I’d Like To Meet

My parents at my age, 22, when they took the time to set aside their lives in order to ready themselves for a 2nd child.

My girlfriend’s parents when they did the same for her.

Or myself in a former life, or when double-digits were a big thing to me.

When my older brother’s birthday (10 days after mine) was celebrated on my birthday, Oct. 4th, and we’d blow out the candles together.

My sister again on her 1st day of school, or when we finally left my father and she was going through a very crucial period in her childhood.

How I wish I could take that back and at the same time how I’ll never regret it for the rest of my life.

Or the 3rd grade, how I could go back to those school days and play tag—You’re it!—for the rest of my childhood, or at least until the teacher calls us in from recess.

Those were my happiest moments as a young boy, and I’ll always remember the girl who turned my world upside down that Summer in 1993.

And her older brother who pulled her away from me when we were just starting to get close. Because I am white.

And how I could never understand. Because I am white. And the irony of that.

What an interesting time it is to be in America.

No ginger is an island

Humorous, adventurous, listening, ginger, geek, independent, truthful.

Talk everyday. Laugh everyday. Don’t be afraid to be inappropriate. Be odd and obscure. It’s the weirdest things that can push us out of our shells and teach us the most about life on this mortal coil. But next time, do it funnier. With videos of cats and unicorns and other silly shit.

Step outside of your comfort zone. Question everything. Trying new things helps you grow. The more you challenge yourself the better of a person you will become. Form your goals and be what you want to be. Never stop reinventing yourself.

Nobody wants to be with someone who only talks about themselves. Something bothering you? Tell me what’s wrong. But it’s all give and take, so don’t forget to return the favor.

Be passionate. Stand up for your beliefs and challenge others to question theirs. Do not fall for someone that doesn’t push back and make you question yourself – for that is the best way to progress and grow together. And they make the best lovers.

Have a conversation about the things that matter to you. Don’t be judgmental or try to make others feel bad for a difference of opinion. You are not always right. Challenge yourself to think different. Your opinion without any experience to back it up is not worth the tiny bits of data it takes to display text on a tablet device in comparison to the age of wisdom that comes from seeing the world objectively through different vantage points. You never stop learning. All of life is a lesson. Inquire within upon everything. Seek as much education as you can get. And remember – you get what you put in.

Be you. Define yourself. Love yourself away from being anything other than what you truly want to be. Don’t fit in. Stand out. Use your own voice. Speak your words. Dance how you want to dance. And respect others for there own individuality.

Be intentional. Say what you mean. Truth is relative, but best friends always tell it like it is and are there for you when you need them most – even when you don’t realize you do. Forgive them there pettinesses, for there sanctuary of trust will be worth more than a lifetime of accomplishments spent alone. No ginger is an island.