Birthday Googol

It’s wild to think Google is only 15 years old. To think how libraries were back then. Now any information you need can mostly be found at the touch of your finger tips.

So here’s to you, Google, with the information of ten libraries raised to the power of 100. Happy 15th!

(no title)

Stable, dependable
Fun, exciting
Romantic, secure
Interesting, independent
Friendly, inviting
Honest, mentoring
Nurturing, loving
Wise, humbling
Young at heart
Old in spirit

Find Your Addiction Free Zone

Addiction is a crutch. Chemical dependency can only carry you so far before becoming a part of the problem you were trying to cope with while you solve it. The object is to fix the problem that you began with, not learn to cope with it.

Imagine a man with a crutch walking. Now imagine if he could heal his leg so that he didn’t need the crutch.

The drug is a crutch. It’s not fixing your broken leg. If something is stressing you out to the point you cannot cope with it, and if you cannot fix it, let it go.

Like a doctor recommending you stay off the broken leg for a while until it heals. Whatever stresses you out to the point of needing a chemical dependency to cope is not worth it.

Let go and heal yourself mentally, then move on. There are other jobs, other friends, other (insert whatever is stressing you out here), etc.

Life is too short to waste away miserably. You should enjoy it while it lasts – within respect and in accordance with one anothers own happiness.

“Find what makes you happy and let it kill you.”

Please don’t take this out of context. I don’t think anyone is completely addiction free. We all have our habits we’d like to change.

The goal, I think, is to positively form habits and encourage behavior on yourself that will reward a better, more happy life. I know I try myself everyday.

Ode to Amelie

Elijah, the Web geek, is a introvert. The shy type, he never engages conversation with others unless he knows they wish to speak with him. It’s September 17th. In 48 hours, his life will change forever, but he doesn’t know it yet. He lives quietly among his coworkers and acquaintances. A former sketch artist, he likes nice girls who finish first. He dislikes seeing people bullied by others. He hates the words, “get’er done.” His late grandmother was the sweetest person in the world. He likes cracking bones and seeing the good guy win on TV. Some weekends, Elijah sees a movie. He likes looking back at people’s faces in the dark. He likes noticing details that no one else sees. But he hates it in old movies when drivers don’t watch the road. Elijah has no girlfriend. He tried once or twice, but the results were a letdown. Instead, he cultivates a taste for small pleasures–dipping his hand into a bath full of warm running water, playing a beautiful song while visualizing every lyric, and imagining himself in a different life with different traits or characteristics. Time has changed nothing. Elijah still seeks solitude. He amuses himself with silly scientific questions about the meaning of life, such as “How many people know what Nihilism is?” or “How many people know what a star is made of?” Finally, on September 19, 2013 comes the event that changes his life forever.

Embed Facebook Posts on Your Site

Check out this cool new feature that allows you to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Site.

I can’t wait for this feature to work it’s way into the core of

But what I’d really like to do as a WP dev is setup a feed to pull from any social site and auto create a post on my WP blog.

For example: I post a photo to Facebook and have to repost that same photo on my WP blog.

In this scenario I can now do it with a simple URL, but I’d rather my WP blog be smart enough to autopost it to save time.

Also note, I don’t want to just post my Facebook content – I want to take the photo I posted to Facebook and upload it to my WP blog, so the file is hosted on my WP site. This accomplishes taking back ownership of my content. I may be sharing it with Facebook, but I still have it hosted locally as well – making it easier to migrate to another social media site if I should ever choose to do so at a later date.

Pick up lines for nerds:

      Can I be the phaser to your electron and take you to an excited state?
      You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.
      According to the second law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share your hotness with me.
      Hey baby, will a little more alcohol catalyze this reaction?
      Everyone knows it’s not the size of the vector that matters, but the way the force is delivered.
      I wish I were adenine because then I could get paired with U.
      Why don’t we measure the coefficient of static friction between me and you?
      Your lab bench or mine?
      Hey baby, what’s your sine?

Because true love is

Because true love is

Wild like the wind
I’ll be your blanket
For the warm memories
Of our childhood old friendship
As we slowly grow together
But secretly inside
Forever we’ll always be
Just a couple of
Foolish kids

We can live for
The cherished moments
With our children
Like feathers
That flock to one another
And share
A happy father and mother

Oh how I wish you would

Two old flames
Meant for each other
That will never stop burning

For you I give my name
And who I am
More than
A thousand times over

I’ll pay the ultimate sacrifice
Of a boyish youthful health
With a smile so full of joy
And thankful for the gift that is
A true love so age old
And far outlasting
Beyond any need
Of my own

In the Autumn
Of falling leaves
I look into your eyes
Smiling for me
In a romantic moonlit
That I wouldn’t trade
For any other

You are
A fresh breath of air
Forever beautiful
In your ways
With a girlish laughter
That never wears

Here’s to our
Youthful yesteryear
In ever after
Sweet darling
I will forever
Hold you near

Where it truly counts
In the matters
Of love or lust
For you
My <3 shall
Forever pounce

My pretty lady
Because true love is


Here’s to growing old