Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools like a pro

First steps to setting up Google Analytics for your Web site

Make sure you have the Web site tracking code in the <head> tag on every Web page for your site.

Then setup Google Webmaster Tools for your Web site.

In the Admin tab on Google Analytics, navigate to Property -> Property Settings so you can connect Webmaster Tools for your site to your Google Analytics.

This enables organic keyword average positions to be tracked in your Google Analytics.

Once you have it connected and after 2 calendar days or more have past, navigate to Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Search Engine Optimization -> Queries in Google Analytics.

This displays any queries your site has organically appeared for in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP, for short).

With these few steps you have setup your Google Analytics account to track the necessary data for an SEO to begin optimizing your site.

Bonus points

If your site serves a purpose, you can create Goals within Google Analytics to track conversions for the intended purpose of your site, so you can better optimize around the intended point of conversion you’d like people take.

A simple example of this is a Checkout page for a shopping cart, or a Success page for form submissions.

If you have these setup properly in Google Analytics, you’re already way ahead of the game to help improve your site over time for your customers/viewers.

A couple asleep in bed

She resting her head
On his shoulder
Him caressing her asleep

The baby makes a noise
Starts crying
She wakes up
But he starts to get up
Telling her
“Go back to sleep. I’ll get her.”

She rests her eyes
But at peace
She falls back to sleep

Few things I aspire
To achieve
As an accomplishment
And a testament
To who I am

Being a loving father
And partner
Is one of them

I want to be that man
More than anything in life
Everything I do
Is for that to one day
Be true

– Fleeting thoughts while watching Walter White with his newborn daughter in Breaking Bad


Saying something is
Doesn’t make it so

It’s the actual doing part
That matters most
And I struggle with it
For certain things
As we all do

Just gotta keep
Working at it
Till it is so

Swipe the coded stripe
And my name drops in ones and zeroes

Somewhere a computer may know
Heiss is to Garvey
As X is to Turner
Is to Toussaint and on

What it won’t show are the moments
Of love or lust that swirl through centuries
And freckle me here

The Color of My Circumference I

Mike Ladd & Vijay IyerIn the delicate distance
Of brown, I sit on a bus

With uneasy proximity
Of tan, I look out on Queens

Shade shift my way to JFK
Ride past INS possessing my access

In kind and card, swipe the coded
Stripe and my name drops in ones and zeroes

Somewhere a computer may know
Ladd is to Pratt as Cawthorne is to Willis is

To Pickett and on
What it won’t show are the moments

Of love or lust that swirl
Through centuries and tans me here

Making me one more memento
Of a close-quartered world

All trinkets of time shrink space
A cluttered reflection of collections

Am I a catalogue of memories
A series of possessions?

Of an age within an age within an age
Is a mirror to a mirror to a mirror
Of a people to a people within a people

Each image, descending in view like seeing
One’s history through the core of a spine

Stepping through the act
of self-appropriation

My mother relies on the old
Negro spirit of reinvention

“I am a citizen of the world”
Ta da she is

The Color of My Circumference I,
In What Language?,
Mike Ladd & Vijay Iyer