“I think you know deep down in your soul that something, something just ain’t right. You don’t want to be just well adjusted to injustice and well adapted to indifference. You want to be a person with integrity who leaves a mark on the world. People can say when you go that you left the world just a little better than you found it. I understand. I want to be like that too.” – Dr. Cornel West

It’s not about how smart you are – it’s about how smart you are about other people (social intelligence).

Scientists now agree
The development
Of separate races
Began around
50,000 years ago
When modern humans
Migrated out of Africa.

Dark skin pigmentation
Was and remains
A protective force
Against ultraviolet rays.

But as humans moved
Further north
Dark skin blocked
Too much sunlight
And reduced the
Natural production
Of Vitamin D
In our deep skin

Lighter skin people
Faired better
In Europe and China.

For those who
Migrated to South America
And southern India
Darker skin
Once again
Protected them
From the Sun.

Is There A Superior Race?
Season 3, Episode 2
Morgan Freeman’s Through The Wormhole

Looking up The Breakfast Club on Tumblr, seeing a bunch of teenage girls ooh and aww over Judd Nelson while dreamy eyed about wanting to be born in the 80’s and wishing there life was like a John Hughes movie.

Am I really that old?

Side note: I didn’t know Hughes was from Lansing, MI. You’re welcome, America. And happy 237th birthday! :-)