Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called sons of God

Death is nothing at all
I am only waiting in the next room for you all

Catherine Aamodt
Jul 1 1897
Jun 30 1990

Ellert Aamodt
Pvt US Army
World War I
Jan 24 1893
May 14 1982

Vivian Garvey
Feb 5 1940
Jun 21 2012

Jackie Garvey
Dec 22 1940
Jan 10 2010

Erik John “Enook” Garvey
Mar 7 1967
Jan 14 2001

My friend
Over time
You’re going to find
That you are
As beautiful
As you feel
You’ve got to
Get up
Every morning
With a smile on your face
And show the world
All the love
In your heart

All over the world
Hearts pound with the rhythm
Fear not of men
Because men must die

Mind over matter
And soul before flesh
Angels hold the pen
Keeping record and time

Which is passing
And running
Like a caravan trader
The world is overrun
With the wealthy and the wicked

But God is a vision
At disposal of affairs
Gun men
And stock holders
Try to mirror your fears

But God is a vision
Of a plan in prepare
Mos Def in the flesh
Where you at?
Right here…

Fear Not Of Man,
Mos Def

Moon shot: a difficult or expensive task, the outcome of which is expected to have great significance.

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