Loves for enjoying
Hates for destroying
And crying
Is for 30 year old men
Who still wake up
9 months after losing someone
Like it was just yesterday
I said goodbye
To a very close friend
I admired more than most
A serious life chapter has turned
This one I call
“Lonely home owns a geek”

Thinking about the future of humanity
There is but one story
The story of life
Life on planet earth
If there is any other intelligent or evolved life on another planet in another solar system in another galaxy
If they are more advanced than us
If they are anything like us
If they are farther ahead in the evolution cycle
Think about us in the future
How will we be 100 years from now 1000 years from now
How much of our natural green terrain will be covered in cement and “civilized”
That’s the kind of planet we’re searching for in a galaxy to see if we are not alone

Web geeks: Responsive is all of the fuss right now – something I’ve been tinkering with for over a year now. But what about a Mobile only concept?

If in the next 5 years the majority of computer users will be surfing our Web sites with a phone or a touch device not much larger than 10 inches, wouldn’t we be better suited with a design that was mobile centric with a few add-ons for in the case of viewing with a desktop?

I’m tinkering with such a layout now while trying to figure out the right formula. Minimalism seems to be the key to it – that and very large sized fonts to help compensate for a small screen.

This idea for me was inspired by the Zeldman, whom which has a mobile only design for his Web site,

Just a few geek thoughts. </endgeek>

We are explorers
We are wanderers

Follow the stars
Like the discoverers of old

From the North Star
To the 3 kings
And before

From frankincense
Myrrh, and gold

To the apple
The garden
The burning bush
And beyond

Back to the Atom
The single cell
Worlds colliding

We were meant to explore
Become something new

Push the limits
Find the edge
And jump

Explore where no one has yet
Break the boundaries
From before you

Those who see the world ending
There world is ending

They’ve lost that spirit
Of reinvention
Of tomorrow

They’ve got more behind them
Than they see lying ahead

Never stop exploring
Tomorrow belongs
To those who want it 2012 Site Build with a friend

Saint Michael The Archangel Church of Muskegon, Michigan

Saint Michael The Archangel Church of Muskegon, Michigan

Toward the end of least year, 2012, probably around November or December, I got the opportunity to help out a friend rebuild a local church’s Web site – Saint Michael The Archangel Church of Muskegon, Michigan.

It’s a church that is very dear to my family – as my older brother and I actually started our education as young boys at their school. Some of my earliest and most fond memories were spent during recess on their playground. So when my friend asked for my help I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it!

I should be very honest in that the majority of the work setting up the site and making the final decisions were all handled by my friend, so they deserve all of the credit. I merely helped out with some of the Back End development and with tweaking some of the Front End design.

Saint Michael's Muskegon

Saint Michael’s Muskegon

We started the project with a very clean theme called Wisdom, which already had a lot of the foundation that we were looking for in a Web layout. It seemed to suit Saint Michael’s rich Polish heritage quite well with the strong red look to the design – much like colors in the Polish flag.

Probably my favorite part about helping develop this Web site was the challenge to create a way for others to update the site with new bulletins and podcasts – and to make it as easy as possible in doing so. This is why I enjoy WordPress as a Web Publishing Platform, because with a few plugins from the great Open Source community on – we were able to do just that!

I was able to hack together a plugin that would list media files once they were properly tagged on the backend. After that, all I needed to do was create a page and alter the way it lists out. After a few late nights of cracking the code on what makes this particular plugin tick, I was able to successfully do so. And the end result is a church very dear to my childhood can now stay connected with it’s followers online in their own setting – respecting their great history and passing it on to the next generation.

I’m very proud for this. Thank you!

Random Web Musings: Being a part of and witnessing my generation grow up to the Web

probably the coolest thing about being a web professional is seeing some of the great web spaces move in and influence society the way computer manufacturing companies did in the 80’s and 90’s. in the next 20 years, the great pioneers of the unimaginable web companies of tomorrow are growing up to today’s popular web properties. i find that exciting – kind of like hearing stories about today’s leading web company founders having grown up using devices that pc giants like bill gates and steve jobs are responsible for.