To believe
To be alive
To be born
To be created

To believe
In a creator
Or a creation
Be it in singularity
Or in after death

Believe in now
Believe in us
Be alive
Be touched
With the bug
Of life

Pray to a God
Or worship
The science of sound
And star dust

But whatever you do
Pass it on
Sing a song
Any song
Just make sure
It’s your own

Be a leaf
Dangling from a tree
Ready to be free
And fall
Back to being
On earth
Let gravity be your wings

See you and me
For what we are to be
Whatever we do choose

Just be sure
To choose yourself
Be yourself
Be no one else

Be alive
Be free
Be leave

‘Tell Me A Tale’ by Michael Kiwanuka

How to watch the Mars landing

Originally posted on Gigaom:

At 10:31 p.m. PDT Sunday, NASA’s Curiosity Rover is slated to land on Mars after an eight-month, 345-million-mile journey. Here’s how you can watch this truly historic event.

The landing will be livestreamed via NASA TV here, and JPL Ustream with commentary here (or without commentary here.)  NASA TV is also available via satellite TV. Gamers can view the landing live on their Xbox 360(s MSFT) consoles, according to Microsoft’s Major Nelson blog and warm up for it with the Kinect Mars Rover simulator (free download required).

If you want to prep now, check out two “Grand Entrance” videos, one hosted by William Shatner, the other by Wil Wheaton, detailing the project. Or, for a social experience, sign onto a  Google+ Hangout hosted by the SETI Institute to watch the live stream and chat.

There are also a variety of in-person events at local planetaria and other venues…

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