I boogie for the raindrops,

I boogie for the raindrops,
for the purity, the anger,
for my childhood recollections, /

for the comic book in my heart,
the mocked intentions, /

the clarity, passion, seclusion,
those cool summer nights, /

for the market merchant
across the street
selling me stoges at half price, /

for the mights, the maybes,
the nauseating pitfall, /

my girl, my friends,
for the fact my window
opens towards a brick wall, /

for the 3 legged dog
I saw dragged on a leash, /

for the homeless man
who walks my block
in rainstorms with plastic bags
on his feet. /

See I throw the weight
of 10 Earth’s over 1 shoulder
& walk across broken glass
through every wicked world
to kiss tomorrow’s morning
– not for nothing! /

You’ll drown in a pool
of your crooked morals
‘Maybe Aesop Rock
was on to something’… /

Maybe – no promises.

Excerpt from:
The Tugboat Complex,
Aesop Rock


What mobile payment method do you prefer? I use Square.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

PayPal just announced that it has acquired card.io, a company that allows developers to capture credit card information by using a smartphone’s built-in camera. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. As we reported earlier this year, PayPal’s PayPal Here feature is already being powered by card.io’s service, so the two companies already had a close relationship before this acquisition. According to card.io, the company’s iOS and Android SDKs will continue to remain available for developers.

According to Hill Ferguson, PayPal’s VP of global product, he and his team were “simply blown away by the creativity and drive of [card.io’s] employees.” The Card.io team will join PayPal’s global product team in San Jose to help the company “create new experiences to make it even easier for consumers and merchants to use the PayPal digital wallet.” Besides PayPal, Card.io’s client include Uber, LevelUp, TaskRabbit, Lemon and 1-800-Contacts…

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Why on Earth Did Marissa Mayer Say Yes to Yahoo?


This is awesome.

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

Yahoo has had its “grown up” Valley CEO.

It has had its studio mogul CEO.

It has had its returning visionary founder CEO.

It has had its hard-charging, execution-centric CEO.

It has had its misrepresenting, train-wreck, patent troll CEO.

And now, with the stunning appointment of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo tries to go yet another route: A CEO with bona-fide Web tech chops. Give the new board credit for one thing: At least it’s not repeating mistakes of the past.

This announcement has sent the Valley into utter confusion and disbelief. It was a move that even Yahoo soothsayers AllThingsD couldn’t anticipate, and certainly one that has made interim CEO and fellow candidate Ross Levinsohn very unhappy.

The stunning part isn’t that Yahoo wanted Mayer. She has been one of the most hotly recruited Valley executives for years. It’s that Mayer actually said yes.

Even Jason…

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